Sometimes I think. Sometimes I don’t.


An Blue Islet.


My love hides in an blue islet

Blue pupils, ocean and silence

We live in a fairytale lily villa

Her fingers jiggles on that paino

But she leaves for Paris and Rome, not for me

She's been away for nights, till the sunlight

But I can do nothing about her cold goodbyes

I can't even cry about those hateful secrets

You are untouchable

I never reach your mind

Cuz you're on an blue islet

Your heart has no warmth

My baby hides in an blue islet

Gentle manners, black dress and perfume

She despires the vuglar beauty of rose

Bloody Mary with crushed ice in her wineglass

Once she delights, we drive to LA in the sapphire Mustag

Midnight comes, she hums in shower, my favorite melody

Well I can warm you, if you let me

It tastes like salty Margarita on your thin lips

You are so intangible

I know that you love me

You're drown in an islet of pride

I can't find a way to break through

Snow is your skin in the summer

White, icy, crystal lover

Blood on your lips in the winter

Hair and eyes grow brighter

With all the bittersweetness in mine

Couldn't you be too blind to see

Couldn't it say that I love you indeed


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