Sometimes I think. Sometimes I don’t.


Sliver Lady


Churning bloody scrawls on crystal

might not appeal to fools like you

Drunkens wandering in the streets

must be whom you'd be sneering at

But not one eye on my love yet

Cuz you haven't seen her

She's got the hell pluck

Her blood burns for Rock

My love's like the sliver

Cold tough and brilliant

Kiss me with Gin on thin lip

Battle down the shaky dinners

Sliver skull tattoos through lace

Driving a fast life on the road

scares the pretty princess as you

Waiting for one prince across bay

sounds like something you would do

My lady watches with radiant eyes

Brust into laughter she ever tells me

The flame's rising inside her bones

But she talks as cool as ice

My love stands on the high cliff

But I know that she's with me

She plays poker around millionaires

messing them like pulp fictions

Heels off, drive me ahead to Texas

The sliver bullet through pale Chrismas light

A Jazz bar whispering in summer midnight

She walks in with an electirc base

All that drunkens me without alcohol

Her husky deep voice and sliver soul

She my sliver lady, sliver lady

Cold tough and brilliant


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