Sometimes I think. Sometimes I don’t.


A Jazz CD.


A Jazz CD in my dusty player

Your voice is still soft and sweet

Whispering my name in the first sunlight

Like a familiar melody wandering the corners

That was the hard time and there was New York

We were busy for our ambitions and fame

But Jazz sounded too slow for me

Maybe I still think so even today

So I left you alone, for wild adventures

Only left a letter without any apologies

You showed up once, in a crowded station

"Come back to New York, will you?"

Come back to New York, will you.

All I saw was the roads ahead

After that I'd been to many places

The Mississippi, midwest, golden coast

Days and days, another dusk faded

I was drinking in Rock N Roll with them

One July night full of stars, a shaky Penn diner

A painist was playing Jazz in the dim light

"Well enjoy it," he said, "I'm ugly but I loved a noble heart."

But missing is passed, I guess I was too vain

Thinklng of that letter full of pale words

Your soul was above the stars and so was your dream

Never a voice lowly saying,

"Come back to New York, will you?"

Come back to New York, will you.

I don't mean to express love or hate

Just bought a Jazz CD in a corner shop

I put it in my old player

And I've been to New York sometimes


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